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Perks system added
New augs
Praxis Kits system
Various tweaks and fixes

PartyStuff / RCON / Athena

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Seperated files in to: PartyStuff main, TCBots, PG Assets
Removed unused Status assets
Various tweaks and fixes
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Updated Team DM - removed bot spectators from display, fixed display of the Server Info
Changed some internal settings to fix exploits.
Fixed array for weapon replacer.

Changed title of the accounts window from Playground Accounts to RCON Accounts.
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New mutator created:
TCModify version 1.0.0

Slight formatting tweaks.
Download the System Update package for updating OpenDX, fresh install download from OpenDX page.
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All mod file versions have been updated and synced to the current final version.
Fresh installs download from the respective page in the archive.
For updating, download the .u files only from here.
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A new update has been posted here


Added Dead checks for scoreboard display
Implemented basic weapon patching (Turn on the bSpawnReplacer flag in the settings)
Fixes include DTS range nerfing, fixing cloak/attacking glitch, nerfing explosives.
Working AFK-Kicking and auto-idling system.

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A new update has been posted. [archive]

Updates include: New HUD updates, Spectating fixes, new access commands, extended anticheats, etc.
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Download: Archive

OpenDX - The Open-Source DX Upgrade
A project to improve and fix multiplayer while adding new features.

Since activity is up right now, and theres a few more people around, I decided to work on a new project.
Theres not much choice of gamemodes right now, with most current "standard" mods having issues, MiniMTL is ATDM focused, and has its problems, ANNA103 which most hosts use is glitchy, and all thats left is base MTL.
My contribution is OpenDX, combining some ideas of each, as well as my own.

Current feature overview

Fully functional Parkour system:
Double Jumping, Wall jumping and Ledge mantling, to allow players to get around maps easier and in a more fun way.

Anticheats: Disabling certain abusive commands, integrate ... Read more »
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Accounts system updated, fixed.
Player cheats fixed.

Boss Armour fixed
Zoneinfo systems updated
Security scanners/teleporters updated

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Various Music conversions.
Download: Dropbox (61.88 MB)

Converted random tracks from Persona 3, Dirge of Cerberus, and Final Fantasy XV
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