Getting Started

Note; all of this is optional, but its a way of getting the most out of IRC, and will allow certain extra services within the system, like getting OP access (moderating the room), or getting custom greetings from the room bots!

First, locking in your username! Once you've picked a username, make sure its not taken! The server will tell you off if it's taken, if not, then continue. Use the command /nick to choose your name, example: /nick Cat will set your name Cat.

Once you're happy, use the command /msg nickserv register password email

Make your password easy to remember, and the email must be valid! You'll then be sent an email containing your verification, which gives you the command to copy and paste into the chat, saving your nick.

From there, there is more advanced settings you can apply to your nickname.

Using the format of /mode YourNick +etcetc, you can add "flags" to your name.

  • +g blocks private messages unless you accept them.

  • +G is like above, but also blocks messages from people who arent in the same chat room, also notice, +g and +G are DIFFERENT flags, capitalizing matters on IRC.

  • +R outright blocks messages from any users not registered.


Added bonus, the server shows your "usermask", or your ISP information on join, but only to room operators/admins. But, if you dont even want the ADMINS to see that, you can CREATE a custom one. For example, the owner of the site, if you see him connect to the room, his name is displayed as Kaiz0r (deus.ex.machina), that last part would have been his ISP information, but you can change that to anything, within reason. THIS service is handled by the IRC server itself, not us, and so you should read the following page if you want to check out this feature. 



Advanced Client Information

To join our chat from any other client, use the details: on port 6667, and channel #deusbork 

To enable IRC links for YOUR game servers, download the RCON package from the Downloads page, follow the installation instructions listed there.

In RCON.ini, make sure bIRC=True. In IRC.ini, in Username, give your server a unique identifying name. Now your server will connect every startup.

Side note: Lonely playing singleplayer? Enable cheats, and use the command: Summon RCON.IRCLink

This will enable the IRC chatroom, in your singleplayer game!