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DXMI 1.0
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The process is; The script scans the dlpath first for Archive files, .zip/.rar, extracts them, then scans dlpath again for any DX files, and moves them to the correct places.

To config, open the script file and edit the dlpath and gamepath to your settings.
For Unix systems, format is /home/username/etc
For Windows, format is C:/Etc/etc

dlpath is where you download the mod files, usually set this to your web browsers Downloads folder
gamepath is the ROOT folder of your game, e.i C:/Deus Ex/

Then just run the script in Python3, the console will keep track of the progress, and exit when its finished.

Requirements: Python3, Python patool library (Install with "pip install patool" in command prompt/terminal)
patool can be optionallly disabled if you don't want archive support, just comment out the lines of the script "import patoolib" and the function for "open_archives".
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