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Announcement: OpenDX
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OpenDX - The Open-Source DX Upgrade
A project to improve and fix multiplayer while adding new features.

Since activity is up right now, and theres a few more people around, I decided to work on a new project.
Theres not much choice of gamemodes right now, with most current "standard" mods having issues, MiniMTL is ATDM focused, and has its problems, ANNA103 which most hosts use is glitchy, and all thats left is base MTL.
My contribution is OpenDX, combining some ideas of each, as well as my own.

Current feature overview

Fully functional Parkour system:
Double Jumping, Wall jumping and Ledge mantling, to allow players to get around maps easier and in a more fun way.

Anticheats: Disabling certain abusive commands, integrated some protections from ANNA103 (Including the FPS counter)

Administration: Moderators that have limited admin access, and the "mod" command that works like "admin", and can control access to these commands from the host. Muting is available to disable chat for annoying players. Optional word filters are also available.

Chat commands: /skin to change your character skin, /status shows your status on the scoreboard, /cc lets you change your chat colour easily, /me works like IRC and Skype, ##shortcut lets you enter any command in chat without deleting say, m.<mutator> mutate command shortcut, and more!

Deathmatch Teams: Allows players to create their own teams in deathmatch, with scoreboard info and working IFF.

Enhanced Scoreboard: Shows admin status, moderators, pings, FPS, and server info, as well as allow for custom texturing of certain elements.

Updated HUD:
Shows extra info, can be set to show distances to targets, health for team mates, name displays for NPC's, and various other options.

Configurable: Almost every aspect can be controlled by the host, to enable or disable whichever features.

In active development! Also I'm taking suggestions for any features recommended.

Current planned features:
TeamDM - Coming soon
New game mode Kill Confirmed; Kills dont score, capture the downed players "dog tags" to score
New game mode  Juggernaut: One players becomes OP, other players take them down
New modifier Last Man Standing: Players have one life, last one standing wins
New modifier Sudden Death: If victory condition is not met when time runs out, players start taking damage
New modifier Toybox: Rediculous idea of players all becoming tiny, giving a new perspective on maps!
New modifier Infection: One player is infected, Players killed by them become infected.

Running the mod

Option 1:
Add OpenDX.TCLoader to the serveractors list
Option 2:
Paste this code in to a text file in Deus Ex/System, rename it to Starter.bat, and execute. <Mutators> can be replaced with the class name of any mutators you'd usually need to activate in the host menu, like mPack1.ModifyZoneInfo

title Server starter

echo. Starting...
deusex.exe DXMP_CMD?Game=OpenDX.TCDeathmatch?Mutator=<Mutators> -server -LOG=server.log > NUL

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