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7:27 PM
Mod Updates: Partystuff


  • ToolRadar is now a static decoration that beeps at any players.
  • RadarDrone effect is now shock rings.
  • DroneBox now defaults bPushable True
  • RandomColourLamp4'a switch timer for when the light changes is now a variable. Also, renamed Flash Lamp.
  • RandomColourLamp3 made so the Tick also changes the LightType if required. (Fix for the SDK bOn glitch)
  • RandomColourLamp2 fixed so the LightType is set properly when mapped bOn. (See above)
  • ProxLamp is now always on.
  • Experimental: DecalClear command added to PGMutator. HOPEFULLY destroys decals.
  • New: FlashLamp - Clone of RCL4, the slower strobing lamp
  • New: StrobeLamp - Clone of RCL3, the strobing lamp
  • Removed more unneeded actors.
  • New: FadeLamp - Clone of RCL2


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