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Mod Updates: Partystuff


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  • Tweak: Drone's can now be stored away in Controllers.
  • Fix: PSZoneInfo fixed to detect projectiles again.



  • Tweak: Party Police and the disarmer gun. Now randomly selects a jailpoint, and halfs players credits when jailed.
  • New: NanoFlower. Small deco that has a radius healing effect.
  • Fix: ScriptedPawns busy message.
  • Tweak: Airget functions tweaked. Removed scope, now only has vision mode. Also has a rocket alt-fire. All modes use bio.
  • Fix: StealthShotgun display fixed.
  • Fix: Boner payload spawns properly now.
  • Fix: Skullgun projectile has proper rotation now.
  • Tweak: Made Laser Wire ambient sounds less obnoxious
  • Fix: Mannequins mesh glitch fixed.
  • Tweak: MusicZone made redundant, code moved in to PSZoneInfo.
  • Fix: PartyPolice spam. Update: JobScanners updated. Now has configurable inventory and skins related to the job.
  • Fix: Lamps mapping fixed AGAIN.
  • New: Furniture Shop system with ShopButton2
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