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5:16 PM
Mod Updates: Partystuff, RCON

Download: cur2.zip (Updated)

Download: cur_psr.zip
~New: Loadouts functionality
~Depracated actors removed, code cleaned
~Bugs fixed
~.int file changed to reflect updated mutator list
~Client Mode Changed

~Old unused actors removed
~New: Rat Swarm + Hostile Rat creature
~New: Party Police
~Insulter limits
~WeaponDisarmer is now Party Police NPC weapon
~Alliances changed across most NPC's
~Cammers b&
~Flight Vehicle fixed(?)
~Toy Soldier gun scaled down(?)
~Made Credit Card spawner optional
~Added Automed inventory spawner
~New: Hellhound 2: Hellier than Ever

~Toilet2 is now Toilet3, and coded

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