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Mod Updates: Partystuff, RCON
24/12/2016 - Download

RPG Level system now works
Fixed AccessedNone errors in automed.
New bots: eHoward, eJoseph, 2Juan, eHooker1, eHooker2
Invincibility flag on certain bots fixed

Initial implementation of Nicknames system. !nick <name> sets your nickname, !nick on its own prints your nickname. Any command trigger that uses NAME based player detection can also detect by nicknames.
Also on name detection, Athena can now see through colour codes. As in, Name as |P2K|P1A|P4I is now seen as KAI.
Initial implementation of text taunts for kills. (Improved version of TC's taunts)
Improved greeter with time of day recognition, meaning Athena now recognizes if its Morning, Afternoon or evening.
Other commands added: !topic to set topic, !credits to show your credits.
More sound implementation. 
Fixed Athena chat sound looping indefinitely if her chat sound is set as an ambient sound. 
More death taunts
New Set config command to set any internal variable
!summon command which parses either Summon for admins or RCON summon for players.
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