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10:56 PM
Mod Updates: RCON
.int file edit to allow Athena editing in the server advanced options
Adds the Athena system, the bot that responds to various requests.
To enable, in RCON.ini, in the RCONManager block, add bAthena=True
Then in the game, use the command Mutate a.on and athena will activate.
From here, say Athena, toggle autostart to enable her starting every map.
Also, adds Tir the translator bot. For this to work, the IRC needs to be connected, then use the mutator command t.on
saying Tir, shut down turns him off again.
Check out the IRC room for a full debriefing.
Other edits include; Messager line limit increased, Greeter removed and integrated in to Athena, removed the nameless player kicking.
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